How to Avoid Chasing Squirrels With Technology

“When I walk into one these conferences, especially the exhibit halls… I find it overwhelming,” said Matt Lynch, the managing partner of Strategy & Resources. Although new technology can help a firm improve its operational efficiency, Lynch said it always leads to at least some buyer’s remorse.

“More often than not it’s a disruption to the business, at least in the [short] term,” Lynch said, adding that its not the tool’s fault, but the process of implementing change. “It disrupts the ongoing growth; creates friction among teams of employees and managers and senior folks in the firm.”

Lynch said he has data showing that despite an increased spending on technology, there isn’t much improvement in terms of margins. And this can devastate a smaller firm making a large investment in a new tech product.


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How to Avoid Chasing Squirrels With Technology
By Ryan W. Neal,, Feb. 10, 2016


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