by Julie Littlechild

Do You Know What You Do for Clients?

The reality is that we don’t enhance value by improving service, although that is the default for many advisors. Value is more closely linked to the offer and the relationship; it’s connected to leadership.


Most of us look at our jobs from the inside out, not from the outside in. We can’t help it; we are immersed in our process and the day-to-day details of what we do. But taking a moment to look at our job from the outside—from the client’s point of view—can be an important wake-up call. You’ll see clients can’t understand every detail of what you do. Nor should they, just as you shouldn’t be expected to understand every nuance of running your doctor’s office.

But with doctors, you understand the effects of being treated. With financial advisors, that may not be the case. It’s up to you to explain it to them.

Eventually your clients, and every other advisor’s clients, will start asking the hard questions. Before they do, you should ask and answer them yourself.


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Do You Know What You Do for Clients?
By Matt Lynch, Managing Partner, Strategy & Resources, LLC, and Julie Littlechild, Founder, If Not Now Research, Jan. 6, 2016


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