RIAs and Tech Erode the Power of Gatekeepers

“If you are a new asset manager, with a new ETF or new mutual fund, trying to get shelf space in various channels, you’ll find that the wirehouse channel is probably still operating according to the old institutional gatekeeper model,” says Matt Lynch, managing partner at management consulting firm Strategy and Resources.

“However, as you move away from the wirehouses and look at where the assets are going, you’ll see that they’re going to the independents – the hybrids and the RIAs, particularly as you go upmarket. Just look at the number of breakaway brokers who are forming large, independent RIA firms. If this is the channel in which you’re trying to get traction, identifying whom to call on is getting extremely complicated,” Lynch says.


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RIAs and Tech Erode the Power of Gatekeepers
By Marie Swift, Money Management Executive, June 15, 2015


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